IES 2020 cut-off and marks of toppers civil ,mechanical,electrical,electronics engineering

#IESPRE2021 very important 

Best wishes for tomorrow exam ??try to do your best of best… because tomorrow is day of your life….. for best learning of your life… so just go and attempt paper with full with confidence….


1)Read every question 2 times in gs as well as technical either you know it or out of your knowledge.

2) in two readings easily you can find which question you can able to solve… don’t waste your time in over thinking.

3) In morning gs paper don’t try to attempt guess base questions so accuracy is important. So try to solve those questions you understand very well.

4) Very important in paper 10 questions will be out of your knowledge so don’t waste your time there. Use that time in last and try to solve maths and reasoning questions. Because in maths and reasoning part some big question or some questions you can solve by options. so use your time properly.

5) After gs paper don’t see crowd……just drink some water and take some breakfast if you want.

6) If you have formula book or your own formula notes just see all formulas if you can…. if you don’t have don’t worry be positive and ready for next paper.

7) In technical definitely you will do your best…. if questions theory base just read question 2 times and options also two times and select best and nearest option.

8) if question is numerical base.. just try to recall exact formula and write near to question and see what quantities given in question and what you need to write in formal… then convert all quantities in same units. And try to do calculations.

9) If in your calculations answer available in options just select it… if not then recheck formula and calculations properly. But don’t waste more time here just skip if you are not getting answer. (just put round mark here if answer you are not getting so if in last some time remaining then try to solve again one time) 

10) Don’t waste your time in one question because in last easy questions may be there so time management very important.

Do your best…. in exam centre lot’s of crowd you will see… don’t deviate from your goal… because you are unique. And after paper your learning if going to teach you what you are….. so my request to all my students…. go for this exam tomorrow and try to do your best….Believe Tomorrow is best learning day of your life… you just sincerely go for paper ?????? best wishes my all aspirants. I always with you.

blessings ?


carry admit card, 

id original

black ball pen

And try to reach near by center before 1 hour