All Environment Protocols, Conventions, meetings for UPSC IES ESE 2022 PRE . If you ask me about most important topics in environment for exam. This is the most important topic for energy and environment. Just remember all protocols and revise 2-3 times. And already we have discussed in current affairs about COP 26 and in October 2021 Current Affairs we have also understand 5 mantra given by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, How we are going to achieve net zero carbon by 2070. So with current affairs we have covered already but below table you should have in your mind. 

What is ramsar Convention, STOCKHOLM, CITES, UNFCC, AGENDA 21,EARTH SUMMIT Rotterdam, cartegena, peris agreement, Nagoya, cop 21,All Environment Protocols, Conventions, meetings for UPSC kagali agreement

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